When will You Reach Your “Pinnacle Years”?

All but seven of the cards in the deck move about the Grand Solar Spreads from year to year. If you have Love Cards or The Advanced Oracle Workbook, you can look at the formation called The Grand Solar Spread. The spot occupied by the 8D at the top center is called the ‘Sun Position’. This is a very auspicious position that represents many things. Traditionally the Sun position was known as the position of fame and recognition. This may be why many 8D people have a desire to be famous. This also applies to the 10C who sits right next to the 8D. The*KS is also there, but their story is different (see page 232 in Love Cards). 45 of the cards in the deck will move to the Sun position once or twice in their lifetime. The cards that do not are the Fixed (KS,*8C and*JH) and Semi-fixed (7D, 2H, AC, 9H) cards. If you are one of these cards and are not a Leo sun sign, you can use your Planetary Ruling Card (see Love Cards) to trace Pinnacle Years for yourself. When our Birth Card or Planetary Ruling Card reaches the Sun position, I call this the Pinnacle Year and it has proven to be one of the most significant years of our life, often a year in which we make
a major transition to a new level in our life.

Some people achieve a high position in their work during their Pinnacle Year. Bill Clinton was elected during his Pinnacle Year. A good friend of mine, who is a KC, had his business reach an outstanding peak during his Pinnacle Year. His catering company catered the Academy Awards dinner in Los Angeles, a sit-down dinner for 2,000 celebrities. During my Pinnacle Year, at Age 21, I was playing lead guitar for the most well known soul group in the state of Florida. We didn’t play bars, dances or regular gigs, we played concerts. That year represented the culmination of years of struggling to reach a high place in my musical career. But, I was also very unhappy at that time of my life, perhaps the most unhappy that I have ever been. This just goes to show that success does not make us happy. The Pinnacle Year always represents a culmination point in our life, but sometimes it really represents the last year we will do a certain thing and the beginning of a new direction in our life. It definitely can be a ‘stepping-off’ point’ in our lives. Did you know that George Bush was also in his Pinnacle Year when he lost to Bill Clinton? Just this example demonstrates that the pinnacle for one person may be achieving a high status while for another it can represent departing from a position of high status. Perhaps George Bush knew that he didn’t want to be president anymore. That would explain his poor campaign that year. But lets investigate further.

I was shocked at first when I realized that both Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman were both in their Pinnacle Years when they were brutally murdered. Can you imagine? This led me to further investigate this phenomena and to come up with some interesting discoveries. We must look deeper into this Pinnacle Year to understand its true meaning in our life. The 8D person is the true owner of that Sun position and if we look at their Life Path Cards we see that they have an AS as their lifetime Pluto Card (see their Age 90 Spread). The AS, besides being one of the death cards, is a symbol of great transformation and change. When any of our Birth Cards or Planetary Ruling Cards occupies the 8D Sun position, we will inherit some of that transformative energy that year. So, we see that being in the Sun position is not always fun and games. However, it does represent reaching a completion or fulfillment of sorts. Is it possible that for Ron  Goldman, a KD, and Nicole Simpson, a KC, that their deaths represented that their work on this earth plane was completed? Surely they have stepped off in a manner of speaking. Perhaps they had fulfilled what they came here to do.  Nicole was known to have told many people that she thought she would be killed by her husband.

In the final analysis, moving to the Sun position will have a unique meaning for all of us depending on our circumstances, our goals, dreams and level of consciousness. I was personally so unhappy during my Pinnacle Year that I was thinking of killing myself. However, I had achieved the goals that I had set for myself. Another example is that Katherine, my ex wife, and I met during her Pinnacle Year(Age 35 KC). I can see that our meeting, and later getting married, definitely meant the completion of an entire chapter of her life and the beginning of a new one. I believe that during our Pinnacle Year, we will reach an important completion of some area of our life. Usually it is work related but it can be  on other levels as well.

Most of us will experience a Pinnacle Year at least once in our life and some of us will have them twice. By studying the Pinnacle Years of people, we can learn more about the cycles of life and better understand the will of God as it  manifests in our life.