The Cards of Your Destiny and Love Cards give such a wealth of information that many people just use these and need little else. Contained in these books are everything you need to do readings for yourself and anyone you know or meet. Each book presents a basic method for using the system along with many advanced techniques for those who have more interest or desire to get even more information.

These books are presented in an easy to follow, step-by-step manner that allows anyone to be doing readings within minutes of opening them up. But even so, some people would like to see something in video format, to help them dive right in. To this end, Robert has created the Companion videos, one for each book. Each video is roughly 40 minutes in length. In it, Robert introduces you to what the books contain and where to get started in the easiest possible manner. Though the books are really easy to follow, some prefer more direction and hints at the ease of use. This is exactly what these videos are!