Here is how you can learn this amazing system, step by step. Even in the first two steps you will know enough to do readings for anyone. It is truly the most accurate and easy to use system that exists!


Getting Started

You are new to this system and want to find out more. And we have a free course that will help you gain some understanding of yourself and what this system can do for you

Reading the Books

Here are courses that can make reading the books easier and more fun!

After Reading the Books

These intermediate level courses will help you hone your skills at reading the cards and give you valuable tools to help you get more information that can you can use.

Advanced Card Training

Perhaps you, like many others, feel drawn to more deeply explore this esoteric science and to learn how to derive even more information from it. The courses here are for you.

Becoming a Professional Reader

You love sharing this card information with others and want to really learn how to do it professionally and become the best reader you can be! The courses here will help take you there.