Now that you have a firm grasp on doing prediction and relationship readings using the basic system as presented in Cards of Your Destiny and Love Cards, you may be ready to step up into the Advanced Studies arena.

This original and ancient method of reading the cards is what you will encounter here. It is by definition, more complex. But at the same time it offers you a wealth of information that is not available using the basic methods. This is the system as it was taught originally to Robert Lee Camp. His books took this complex method and simplified it to make it easier for everyone to use. But you can learn this ancient method now and have 2-3 times more information about anyone you are reading for.

We have one course for this level, The Advanced Card Training Course, which is four hours in length.

The Advanced Card Training Course

Includes four hours of instruction and the Advanced Oracle Workbook.

You will learn:

  • How the Life Spread and Spiritual Spread are interconnected.
  • How to create all of the 520 Yearly Spreads in the Cards of Your Destiny with only a deck of cards in your hand.
  • How to Quadrate the deck to generate these yearly spreads and generate the Grand Solar Spreads
  • How to locate and identify every card in the the Yearly Spreads while looking at the Grand Solar Spreads, including the Environment, Displacement, Long Range, Pluto, etc.
  • How to locate and use the Underlying Cards that give more meaning to each card in a Yearly Spread
  • How to find the vertical Long Range Card, the Seven-Year Environment, Displacement, Pluto and Result cards and how these become particularly important in certain years of life.
  • How all the Auspicious Events listed in the Cards of Your Destiny book are identified in the Grand Solar Spreads
  • The particular significance of the Critical Year, Rise to the Pinnacle, Pinnacle and Most Blessed Years.
  • Why the Fixed and Semi-Fixed cards are connected and why they are immune to many auspicious events.

This is a recorded live class with students and many examples to illustrate the various techniques taught.

This course is presented in four lessons, each 3 days apart to allow time to digest what is taught. At the conclusion you will have access to all the lessons simultaneously.