Grand Master, Order of the Magi on Terra

The process of learning astrology is usually very difficult and confusing. So many books on astrology, many of them conflicting with each other, or giving interpretations that just don’t fit. It can be very difficult to find sources of the true knowledge. But now you can learn how to read natal charts from a master of astrology, who has spent over twenty years devoted to it’s study and practice and who has over 5,000 clients world-wide. And Robert promises to teach you in a way that is simple and straight-forward so that you can become a master yourself. You absolutely can learn to look at someone’s natal chart and know their deepest secrets. And if you choose, you can use this knowledge to help them understand themselves better and set clear direction for their life. Being an author of books on the cards, Robert also makes the card connection when talking about astrology so that you can see how they both dovetail for a complete picture.

This series will span an entire year or more before it is complete, with a new class every month. Some of the classes below have already been held and you can watch them (audit the course) at your leisure. The class at the bottom of this list is one that is upcoming and you can choose to be a live participant in the interactive webinar that is scheduled.

The first class on Fundamentals of Astrology is Required

If you want to dive into any or all of these course, you have to take the fundamentals course first, to make sure you are up to speed on all the terminology and the basics of looking at and reading a chart. Please watch that class first.

Click on the titles below to read all about each class and to enroll.

Class One – Fundamentals of Astrology

Class Two – The Sun, the Symbol of the Soul

Class Three – The Moon – the Most Important Planet in Relationships

Class Four – Mercury and Venus – Love and Communications

Mars, the God of War and Lust

Jupiter, the planet of Good Fortune and Good Karma

Saturn – the Lord of Karma

Uranus, Neptune and Pluto – the Outer Giants

The Lunar Nodes and Chiron – Mysteries of the Zodiac

Relationship Astrology

The Art and Science of Astrological Prediction.