Recorded Astrology Class with Robert Lee Camp

Learn the Importance of Jupiter in Your Natal Chart

Jupiter is the greater benefic planet, the symbol of a greater part of your good Karma that you experience in this lifetime. In this next astrology series class, you will discover how Jupiter benefits you and how it operates in the charts of others. In this live webinar with Master Astrologer Robert Lee Camp, you will learn how to interpret Jupiter’s effect in anyone’s natal chart. Some of the topics covered are:

  1. When can Jupiter be a negative in a chart.
  2. Jupiter’s meaning in every sign and house.
  3. How aspects formed with Jupiter affect the meanings of other planets in your chart.
  4. What is the meaning of Jupiter retrograde in a natal chart?
  5. How Jupiter is connected to money and your ability to make it.
  6. How to identify the Super Money aspects in a natal chart.

This is our 6th class in our Learn Astrology series with Robert Lee Camp. The only requirement for attending this is that you study the Fundamentals of Astrology Class beforehand. Your chart will be examined in this class as well as the charts of celebrities and other class members. This particular class has no homework prior to the class. All the teaching will occur in the class, instead of the study ahead of time, then live class discussion we have had in the past classes.