Here are quick links to all of the courses we offer, all on one page.

Discover the Secrets on “How to Read Your Own Destiny”

Our very first level course is free and you can begin doing that clicking HERE.

The Love Cards and Cards of Your Destiny Companion Videos

These two videos are each 40 minutes long and are for those who would like some help using the two books.

The Intermediate Workshop with Robert Lee Camp

Learn to be a master of card interpretation! Six hours of video instruction, you get to follow along in a recorded class with Robert with all the handouts to help you follow along.

The Cards and Relationships

Want to know how to use the cards to choose the best relationships for you? Not only personal relationships but all your relationships? This course delves into every aspect of relationships and the cards. You will learn how to know, instantly, how anyone you meet can and will fit into your life!

Inside the Meaning of the Cards, Part One and Two

These two courses, comprising ten hours total are where you get to hear and watch Robert Lee Camp share everything he knows about each card in the deck, both as a Yearly or Life Spread card and as a Birth or Planetary Ruling Card. This is a tremendous resource.

New! Using the Cards for Personal and Professional Planning

Our newest course, you can learn how to apply your card knowledge to having an ongoing understanding of your life’s path, both personal, professional and spiritual.

The Advanced Card Training Class with the Advanced Oracle Workbook

Now that you are getting good at interpretation, it is time to take it to the next level. Get 2-3 times as much card information for any person or time period. Learn the ancient and original method. Four, one-hour videos and accompanying instruction and the Advanced Oracle Workbook to use as you learn.

The Art of Transformational Card Readings

This course is our highest level training available on the Science of the Cards.  Learning how to do readings that can transform your client’s lives is the highest expression of this sacred knowledge put into action. This course includes a new book by Robert, only available to those taking this course! Performing readings for others is where your knowledge is tested to the highest degree. To be able to perform a transformational reading for a client is even a large step beyond that. This course includes all new material never published. Eleven lessons spanning 33 days!

Unlocking Your Prosperity Potential for Life!

For those with money problems, there is an answer. There are things you can understand about money that will help you realize just how you got in your current situation and how you can change that. All of us were meant to have unlimited prosperity in our lives but we block it unconsciously. This course will teach you how you can consciously unblock prosperity and have continual success with money, regardless of which occupation you choose. Money will follow you instead of you chasing it!