So, you want to be a card reader? Do you want to do regular card readings or transformational card readings? There is an important distinction between these two. But put briefly, a transformational card reading is one that changes your client’s life forever. It causes them to have a breakthrough of self-awareness that then motivates them to make a radical change in their life, a change for the better!

This is what is possible using the Science of the Cards but only some will embark on this mission. Why not all? Because performing these kinds of readings is much more demanding of the reader. It is demanding not only in terms of care and attention to detail and preparation. It also demands more of the reader in a spiritual sense. In a way, doing readings of this nature will cause more transformation in YOU. Are you ready for an intensification of your own spiritual journey? Then, you have come to the right place!

This course has all the information you need to make this happen.  It covers all the basics of doing a normal card reading but takes you way beyond that, to exploring the most private and important issues of your clients and gives you the tools to delve into them with success. This is the highest level course on the Science of the Cards that I have ever made available. You will have the tools to do readings that change others lives, and at the same time accelerate your own transformation.

This course encompasses 11 lessons, given to you a few days apart to give you time to digest what you have learned and to put it into practice. Once you have been given access to all the lessons, they will still be available for one year so you can set your own pace in learning and practicing this material.

Among other things, the content in this course speaks directly to the following:

  • The nine things your clients say they want to know.
  • The ten things your client really wants to know.
  • The seven unconscious factors underlying a client’s questions.
  • The six beliefs and opinions that you have that might influence your readings.
  • The nine reasons most people have decided to become a reader.
  • The three negative outcomes of you giving your advice in a reading.
  • Fifteen questions to ask your client to really find out what is going on for them.
  • The five technical things you need to handle prior to giving a reading and the best way to handle them.
  • The two vital aspects of reading preparation in terms of what you will talk about.
  • The six steps in the outline of a normal card reading.
  • The eight questions to ask yourself to determine if you are completely prepared for a transformational card reading.
  • Six important things to keep an awareness of as you perform a reading.
  • Three common body language signals that alert you to to a possible reading breakdown.
  • The five symptoms that you have lost contact with your client and must take emergency measures.
  • The six most probable causes of a reading breakdown.
  • The four things you can do when a reading breakdown occurs.
  • Six ideas of things you can add, at the end of a reading, to give your client something more.
  • The importance of getting your client’s feedback and the Client Feedback Form.

To get the most out of this course, it is suggested that:

  • You have been studying this system for at least one year.
  • You have completed the Intermediate and Advanced Training Courses here, or equivalent. This means that you are familiar with all the Rules of Interpretation, how to read the Grand Solar Spreads and have a basic understanding of the functions of the Karma Cards and other Life Spread cards for any given person. You must be familiar with the Seven Year Spreads and Underlying Cards as well.
  • You have a strong desire to do readings for others, to share this knowledge with them.
  • You have the time to devote to this study and are ready to start now.
  • You are willing to face yourself and your own personal issues as you help others.

Essentially you should be familiar with all the card information you can use in a reading and be ready and willing to delve into it.

Here is a list of the other content and resources that are part of this course:

  1. A copy of Robert’s latest book, The Art of Performing Transformational Card Readings, mailed to you when you first enroll.
  2. Access to recordings of Robert Lee Camp and other Magi Fellowship members discussing the intimate issues of each Birth Card. ( this is over 24 hours of recorded conversation by the top card readers in the country)
  3. Additional sound recordings and videos by Robert detailing particular parts of the course.
  4. Access to a special private forum where you can ask questions to Robert, Magi Fellowship members, and other people in the course.
  5. The opportunity to have Robert give you feedback on a reading that you do (additional cost required, see below)
  6. Listen to a recording of Robert giving a reading to a real client.

If you feel that you meet the qualifications above and are ready to proceed, you can enroll in this course now.