Recorded Astrology Class with Robert Lee Camp

Learn the Importance of Saturn in Your Natal Chart

Saturn is probably the most important planet in your chart. It certainly is the most important planet in our solar system. It is the last of the visible planets and is the lord of the physical plane, where Karma is the law that governs all. The position of Saturn in your natal chart reveals your major areas of Karma. In this class with Robert Lee Camp you will learn all the ins and outs of Saturn and how its influence governs your life and the lives of those you know. This class included nearly two hours of prerecorded information plus a 3 hour live class with Robert. Topics covered include:

  1. The important roles Saturn plays in our life from childhood on.
  2. Saturn as a symbol of our father and later, all authority figures.
  3. Why a weak Saturn will make it much more difficult for us to be successful in our life.
  4. What are some of the most challenging positions of Saturn.
  5. How Saturn plays such an important role in all of our personal relationships.
  6. The Karmic implications of Saturn’s position in your natal chart.
  7. How Saturn transforms from a hindrance to a reward over the course of a lifetime.

This is our 7th class in our Learn Astrology series with Robert Lee Camp. The only requirement for attending this is that you study the Fundamentals of Astrology Class beforehand. Your chart will be examined in this class as well as the charts of celebrities and other class members. This class has homework prior to the class that you must study prior to the live class.