Recorded Astrology Class with Robert Lee Camp

Understand the Power and Importance of these planets in your Natal Chart

The farther a planets is away from the earth, the more powerful its influence is in our chart. Thus, these last 3 remaining outer planets often are significant indicators of important life karma. These planets govern the signs of Aquarius, Pisces, Mars and Pluto. And for each of us, they signify important elements in our lives, some more than others.

This will be a special 4-hour class where these three planets will be discussed and examined in detail. This class will have no homework ahead of time. There are no recordings to listen to before the class. The entire class will be live.

This will be the last class on planets and their aspects. Topics after this class will include the Nodes, Chiron, astrological transits and relationship connections in astrology. Highlights of this class include:

  1. Which cards often have strong Uranus aspects in their charts and why.
  2. How Uranus is connected to genius mentality.
  3. Neptune’s positive and negative expression as the dream planet in all of its manifestations.
  4. Which cards have strong Neptune connections in their charts.
  5. When Pluto becomes ‘evil.’
  6. The fixed nature of Pluto and which cards often have strong Pluto aspects.
  7. Which aspects of these outer giants bring Super Success and which areas this success is found.

This is our 8th class in our Learn Astrology series with Robert Lee Camp. The only requirement for attending this is that you study the Fundamentals of Astrology Class beforehand. Your chart will be examined in this class as well as the charts of celebrities and other class members. This class has homework prior to the class that you must study prior to the live class.