Recorded Astrology Class with Robert Lee Camp

How to Read Any Two People’s Charts to Determine their Compatibility

I have tested several methods of doing relationship readings using astrology for many years. The one that I find to be consistently accurate and meaningful is called Synastry. This is where you look for the aspects between two people’s natal planets and  interpret them. In this class you will discover some amazing things about relationships using astrology as your guide.

The cards offer one perspective on relationships, one that is highly informative and accurate. And astrology offers another perspective. These two perspectives have some differences but tend to support each other, while also each offering some unique information that the other does not possess. Here is a  list of topics we intend to cover.

  • Exactly how to use Synastry, what orbs to use, etc.
  • What are the money pit aspects that cause some couples to lose money regardless of their overall compatibility? Which aspects promote financial prosperity in a relationship?
  • What are the absolute best aspects for love and marriage?
  • How do determine which of the two partners is actually in control of the relationship?
  • Which aspects create the most intimacy and trust between two people?
  • Which are the strongest sexual aspects and how do they manifest in the relationship?
  • Which aspects between two people point to significant past lives together?
  • How to use Declination Aspects in relationship readings to get the entire picture.

This is our 10th class in our Learn Astrology series with Robert Lee Camp. The only requirement for attending this is that you study the Fundamentals of Astrology Class beforehand. Your chart will be examined in this class as well as the charts of celebrities and other class members. This particular class has no homework prior to the class. All the teaching will occur in the class, instead of the study ahead of time, then live class discussion we have had in the past classes.