Recorded Astrology Class with Robert Lee Camp

How to Use Astrology to Make Predictions

Having astrology as an additional tool to make predictions is invaluable.  There are certain astrological events that both help you confirm your card predictions and also give you new predictions, things that the card spreads do not indicate. Using astrology for predictions has long been the most complicated and difficult aspect of astrology to master. But Robert intends to simplify this greatly and teach you how to make astonishing predictions for yourself and others. Some of the things that are easy to predict using astrology are:

  • Financial success or challenges.
  • Health matters
  • The beginnings of new enterprises or relationships
  • The best times for love, or business
  • Divorce and large-scale changes
  • Death of parents or loved ones
  • Super Success in various areas

Sample of topics covered in this class:

  1. How to use an ephemeris to look up planetary positions.
  2. How to use transits and progressions to make predictions in astrology.
  3. How to use progressions and their unique importance.
  4. Which transits really count and which will not be noticed at all.
  5. The effects of transiting Jupiter through Pluto.
  6. Which are the most life-changing transits and how often they occur.
  7. Combining astrological transits and card predictions for the complete picture.
  8. The best astrological transits by far and the most spiritual astrological transits.
  9. The retrograde factor and how it affects timing of predictions.
  10. How to plan using Jupiter and other planets as your guide.

This, our final class in our learn astrology series, is the finishing touch on all that has been learned to date. This is our 11th class and the only requirement for attending this is that you study the Fundamentals of Astrology Class beforehand. Your chart will be examined in this class as well as the charts of celebrities and other class members. This particular class has some homework prior to the class. After you register, please go to the link sent to you to access the audit page and get started on your homework.